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Helen and Walter were married on May 17th at Rust Manor in Leesburg, VA.
Nestled in a cozy nature sanctuary, this historic estate was the perfect venue for an intimate wedding. Here are a few of my favorite photos of their special day.

What Helen Loves about Walter

“Oh wow, where do I start. He is my soul mate, loving, kind, understanding, my gentle giant. The number of times we are talking and can finish each others thoughts/sentences is spooky. He is my rock, the person who I know has my back no mater what. He is funny, fun to be with. Maybe most important of all, he loves roses almost as much as I do.”

What Walter Loves about Helen

“Ah let me see… She understands me, she gets me. We have the same thoughts. We have each others back. We love each other very much. She is the first woman I met who has her own saws.”

Rust Manor House 802 Children’s Center Road Leesburg, VA 20175