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I’m sitting in New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport.  My producer and fellow Photofocus author Nick Minore arranged for me to wait 8 hours for my flight back to Florida. After traveling from city to city teaching several Build it and Shoot workshops that spanned 6 weeks, we realized I fell behind in writing articles. Nick thought sticking me in an airport for 8 hours with no distractions would get me to write. He was partialy right. I got distracted but it caused me to write this article.

She got me thinking

I saw this beautiful girl walk by for a second time. I loved her outfit and her carefree attitude. I asked myself, if she were a celebrity and I only had 5 minutes to photograph her, where would I start?  Then I thought what the heck, let’s see. I smiled at her, lifted my camera and said hey…

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