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Photofocus (old site)

Banner photo by nito.

It looks like Twitter is starting to be aware of the power of imagery.  And this week, the Twitter team announced a few big changes of how you can share your photos utilizing the Twitter platform.

Twitter lets you share photos, in real time, with everyone or with the people you choose. So you can join a bigger conversation. And tell your story in pictures.

So now that they’ve recognized the power that other apps like Facebook, Instagram and even SnapChat are accumulating from the photo sharing community, they’ve really solidified Twitter’s feature set.

Add Photos From Your Smartphone

Twitter fully supports mobile shooting. This is nothing new, but a gentle reminder that your “on-the-go” photos can be displayed.

  • Tap the camera icon, to use your phone’s camera to shoot a new picture.
  • Tap the photo icon to choose an image from your camera roll.
  • For the desktop, just click…

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