The photos for the wedding are coming along.  I have had to rethink how I do them in some ways, but it is fun exploring new options.  So as I have so many photos to do, I thought I would show you a couple of photos that I took of Alison, remember Alison.

LeanneCole-alison-20130910-0006I know some of you asked me to see if I could get some images of her with the baby, so when baby Sara was about 10 days old I went over to visit her and her mum.

LC1_8045-2We tried to take some photos of Sara, unfortunately Sara didn’t understand the idea that she was meant to go to sleep.  We tried everything, but she would have none of it.  I wonder if this is a sign, a girl who doesn’t like to miss out on anything.  We had to go with what we had.

LC1_8070I am…

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