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Lynda and Rita flew in from Texas with their 16-year-old daughter to tie the knot in the Nation’s Capital. It was a small intimate ceremony held in the ‘Marriage D.C.’ ceremony room located in Dupont Circle.  Linda and Rita were visibly nervous, but overjoyed the moment had finally come. Their daughter was definitely the soothing factor this day.
 Since I’m a sucker romance stories, I asked the newlyweds after the ceremony how they met.
Lynda: “Rita & I met in the early 80’s. Rita says that she saw me on the dance floor & was immediately hooked. I must admit that I felt the same way when I first saw her dancing. On our first date we talked about having children and how important a family was for each of us. We have spent our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and now 50’s together through war (Rita served in the Army) and everything in between. Most importantly, traveling all the way to China to have a little girl in the family to offset our 2 boys.”