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English: Nikon D700, body front view Deutsch: ...

English: Nikon D700, body front view Deutsch: Nikon D700, Gehäuse Frontansicht (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is is an excerpt and short video from the ‘SLR Lounge.’ You’ll find a link to the entire post at the bottom of the page (well worth checking out)

April 29, 2013 – Article by Pye 

The general population these days seems to have bought into the belief that megapixels are the single most important aspect of a camera’s image quality. Because of this, more discerning photographers have started to argue that megapixels don’t matter at all, and it is everything else about the camera sensor that matters.

Well, two wrong myths don’t make a right! In this video we will explain that the truth behind megapixels is actually somewhere in between.

When Do Megapixels NOT Matter?

Yes, megapixels do play a role in the overall camera image quality….but is it the leading factor in image quality? Is more always better? This totally depends on how the camera is being used. For the vast majority of photographers, and in the vast majority of shooting conditions, 10-15 megapixels is more than sufficient.

Other aspects of sensor quality and camera features, such as sensor size, low-light performance,  frames per second, dynamic range, etc. can be more important than megapixels to these photographers.

For example, the image below was shot with a 12 megapixel Nikon D700 and and the image quality is stunning, especially when viewed online, as a slideshow, or in 10-20″ prints. For these types of viewing conditions, the 12MP sensor more than enough and even allows for a small amount of cropping.

Nikon D700