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This was originally posted in 2010, however, I thought the ideas presented are worth reading. I usually offer my clients the option of purchasing a DVD. The author has made some very good points to consider.

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 alethea-cheng-avatar This is a guest post by Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick, NYC based architect, interior designer, photographer AND mom! Alethea has her own business, alethea cheng fitzpatrick photography.

by Guest on September 9, 2010
in Photo Biz

I hear photographers talking about digital images all the time.
I’ve noticed that portrait photographers tend to be the ones bemoaning the fact that their clients “just want the CD”. Mostly it’s because those same clients also think that the CD should be really inexpensive, because it “didn’t cost the photographer much” to make.

Wedding photographers, on the other hand, often celebrate the fact that their clients don’t really want albums any more. They claim that it’s hard to make money off albums because they take so long to design and cost so much to make. They are quite happy to wow their brides and grooms by having an iPad pre-loaded with all their photos waiting on their doorstep when they return from their honeymoon.

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