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Posted by on Jun 6, 2012 in Cool Stuff, People, Recommendations, Tips

This week’s “Featuring Your Best” features you! We asked for your best self-portrait and they were all great! We pinned 47 photos from the links posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and G+ pages. To capture someone with your camera is one thing, but capturing yourself is a totally different beast. We recognize that a self-portrait is a challenging task, especially when trying to capture who you think you are. The things you learned while shooting yourself can help greatly when you encounter shooting someone who doesn’t know how to evoke the emotion you’re looking for. We really appreciate everyone taking the time and effort in taking up this challenging task. Here are 3 great examples of self portraits.

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http://www.borrowlenses.com/blog/2012/06/featuring-your-best-self-portrait/Photographer: Kelly Justinecanon-85mm-f1.2_II_medium