Taking photographs of babies is a great opportunity to create special treasures for parents and grandparents. I was especially thrilled taking pictures of baby Kyle for this reason. There is a legacy of friendships between our families that could very well continue for many years to come. His great-grandmother and my mother were best friends, his grandmother and I are good friends, and Kurtis (his father) was my son’s childhood friend. Did you get all that?

Ashley is Kyle’s mother, she was great to work with. She and Kurtis had a few ideas for shots they wanted to try, they were both laid back and easy to work with. I only wish she had a sister I could introduce to my son (sigh)

The session went very well. Kyle, like most babies did a lot of sleeping and a little fussing, (but who doesn’t get a little cranky when their nap time is cut short)

Overall a great shoot, with a great young family. I included a few snap shots of Kurtis as a kid just for kicks (Sorry Kurtis)