I’ve always been interested in street photography, but approaching someone you don’t know and asking permission to take his or her picture can be intimidating. However, it can also be rewarding. On many occasions people are genuinely happy when a complete stranger takes an interest in them.

On my way out of the government center last week, I noticed an older man in a nice suit and hat standing in front of the building.  He looked like he was waiting for someone. I just liked the way he was standing there; very straight and proud, so I stopped to tell him how much I liked his suit and hat. ‘You are looking very sharp today,” I told him. He looked really surprised and pleased by the compliment.

He smiled, grabbed my hand and said ‘Thank you.” Taking off his hat, he pointed to the button on the front he said, “I was a Marine in WWII . . . I’m 89 years old now. “ When I asked if I could take his picture, he laugh and said “Sure!” He got a real kick from that.

The only camera I had was my iphone, so I turned on the flash and setting to HDR. I played with the file later in Lightroom to get the image effects.

I’m really glad I stopped to talk to this man. I think I made his day. We chatted for a bit, he certainly made mine.