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I shot this picture a few years ago in Negril, Jamaica. I had asked my taxi driver to  show me some of the sites so I could snap a few pictures. We stopped to check out the scenery near an old lighthouse. As I walked around I spotted an old man sitting under a tree. He was busy doing something, but I wasn’t close enough to see what. He looked up and saw me. “Come here . . . I don’t bite” he said. Since I was still within eye site of the taxi driver I walked a bit closer. “Come on over! just a little closer, I want to show you something.” Hmmm, reluctantly, I moved in. He reached behind his back, then held up a beautifully polish shell. “How much would ya be willing to give me for this?” I smiled and said, “How about $10.” He laughed (didn’t have a single tooth) and with a wide toothless grin said, “God bless you child, now I can go buy me some whiskey!” I laughed and thought, well damn, at least he’s honest.