I always like to take my time with a few photos from every photo session to do something special in post. The backgrounds I found in Creative Commons, which is a great site to find a pool of content that can be copied, distributed, edited, remixed and built upon, well within boundaries of copyright laws. If you register your work with Creative Commons, you keep the copyright, but allow for certain uses of your work. The site explains it this way:

“Our tools give everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to keep their copyright while allowing certain uses of their work — a “some rights reserved” approach to copyright — which makes their creative, educational, and scientific content instantly more compatible with the full potential of the internet.”

For these photos I took of Michelle at Undeniable Boutique, I had to remove the background and resize Michelle to fit the scene. Perfect Mask 5 is a great plug-in for Photoshop and makes the removal of backgrounds painless. It also helps with the difficult task of knocking out areas like hair and grass. Perfect Mask 5 will work with Lightroom, Aperture and Photoshop and works as a standalone app.

A good website to check out if you are just getting started using Photoshop in touching up your photos is, Photoshop Basic Tutorials http://www.photoshopessentials.com/basics/

Photoshop World Conference and Expo just kicked off in DC. I’m not able to attend (sigh) but will follow Scott Kelby’s blog ‘Photoshop Insider’ http://www.scottkelby.com/ for updates and info about the happenings.

I just found out you can come and visit the Expo Floor FREE this Sunday or Monday! There are classes and tons of demos! Sign-up now for your free Expo-only pass (good for two admissions) right here.