• Best Almost-Useless Goodie – The Green Cube Everyone Asks Me About – Approx $7
    • This is a clear, greenish 3-D bubble level.  I use it almost all the time and people always ask me about it.  It’s useful and cool-lookin’.  Even better than a fish-tie.
  • Best Color Calibration – ColorMunki Review
    • This thing will ensure you have all your colors fit and proper on your monitors for your desktop or laptop
  • Best Stylish Memory Card Reader – The Moshi Cardette
    • I know… card readers.. boring, eh?  This one is a smart and stylish design with fold-away USB… and a sweet blue glow at night.
  • Best Unique Inexpensive Lomography Cameras – The Oktomat 8-lens Camera or The Stylish 4-Lens Supersampler or the Lomo Holga Starter Kit
    • I found these in China and was really impressed.  There is something charming and wonderful about the sorts of photos these take… and they are fun!
  • Several Phone cameras
    • My camera app, of course! 100 Cameras in 1
    • Look… just go ahead and spend $20-$30 and get a load of ‘em!  Have fun playing with em all.
  • Best Loupe – The Hoodman Loupe
    • It’s a little bulky, but great for getting previews in the daytime
  • Best Photo Backup Solution – The HyperAlbum
    • This has a huge hard drive and a very nice screen for reviewing your work while having coffee and relaxing.
  • Best Backup Backup Drives on the Road – Toshiba 320 GB USB 2.0
    • I carry an extra one and mail it back home…  so I don’t have all my eggs in one basket
  • Best Memory Cards –  The Hoodman Line– $49 and up
    • I use all Hoodman cards now… especially after I had failures with other brands.  See more in Hoodman Review


  • Best Battery Backup – The Sweet HyperMac Battery– around $199 and up
    • If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac laptop, chances are one or all three are always running out of batteries!  This is a fantastic extra battery that powers all three.  I keep one in my bag all the time.  More than handy!
  • Best iPad Case – The Moshi Concerti for various iPad versions
    • I’ve tried 5 different cases, and this is by far the nicest and most versatile.  Everyone asks about it!
  • Best iPhone Cover – the Moshi iPhone Accessories
    • They have all kinds of slick-looking stuff that looks like it was designed by the offspring of a sweet matting session between a Scandinavian designer and a Japanese designer. If you don’t like that one in particular, you’ll see other Moshi styles there.
  • Best in-ear Earphones – The Vortex
    • I listen to the music almost all the time when I am out shooting — these are the best in-ear earphones I’ve found. They are actually quite heavy and metal — it does something to the nature of the sound that is very nice.
  • Best Travel Smart Power to Go –  Monster with USB Worldwide Outlet
    • Monster stuff is usually too expensive and a rip-off… but not this thing.  Super-handy!
  • Best Cord n’ little-crap Organizer – The Skooba!
    • My friend Scott bought me one of these and I love it.  I have so many dang cords in my bags nowadays… this is smart.
  • Best Slimline Laptop Case – Moshi Codex
    • It’s a simple but elegant case for your laptop. Like all Moshi products, there is a nice design and use for them. When you open up your laptop, it’s still ensconced safely inside of it. A very nice design! There are many sizes avail for your computer type…
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The Skooba! Cord Organizer
Moshi iPad Case
Moshi iPhone Products