If you are just getting started and want recommendations on your first three lenses, here they are.  Note that, often times, your camera may come with a “kit lens”.  That lens is usually pretty versatile and can get you a long way.  But, the beauty of DSLRs is that there are many lenses that are better for more specialized situations.

  1. Nikon 14-24 Review (Lens) – A great wide-angle lens for landscapes and architecture that I use for about 60% of my landscapes
  2. Nikon 28-300 Review (Lens) – Perfect walk-around lens mid-range stuff like landscapes, birthdays, families, close-up sports, events, holiday cheer, swinger parties. This has become one of my main lenses, except for when I want to go really wide (for huge landscapes scenes or plus-sized swinger parties)

Nikon 50mm Review (Lens) – Ideal for cute children, close-up objects where you like a blurry background, friends, interventions

This article was written by Trey Ratcliff website  Lighthouse by Valerie Bey photography